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Вдохновившись цитатой из книжки Вентцеля, про читателей, возможно несколько подавленых формулой, пошел посмотреть в собственно, книжку. Аффтар жжот просто напалмом. Например, вот:
почти наверное
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к вопросу о птичках нейтринах: http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0008032

Лично я собираюсь выучить наизусть, как мантру:

The effect of large extra dimensions can be directly connected with the existence of a hidden boost, excited by new global dimensions and can lead to the monotonous rise of the neutrino velocity at high energies.

The effect of small extra dimensions, universal with respect to all particles, can be connected with the gravitation recoils of the propagation of neutrino in the space-time vacuum-foam and it leads to the effect of diminishing the neutrino velocity at high energies

hat tip: TJ
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I rely heavily on the reader's firm intuitive grasp of the notion of continuity, and invite readers possessing the appropriate blend of ingenuity and perversity to add whatever assumptions of regularity are needed to exclude whatever pathological counterexamples they may come up with.

ND Mermin, The topological theory of defects in ordered media

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